Bible is questioned…again, this time for indecency

May 16th, 2007

I can see it now…Bibles plastered with stickers reading Explicit Content.

The people of Hong Kong, angry because of the censorship of a column in a Chinese University publication, are retaliating by asking that the Bible be labeled indecent because it mentions, incest, rape, and many strong sexual images.

This article states the obvious distinction: the Bible condemns the sexual perversions it mentions, and when it uses sexual language, it is usually in the form of a rebuke for spiritual adultery/fornication. The column, while not wholesale encouraging incest or bestiality, was asking students if they had ever fantasized about these things.

I’ve noticed censor-minded people are usually upset when they are unexpectedly confronted with something they consider offensive, and hand down their moral judgment on all of us. For example, the British took down an advert whose imagery might cause distress to children. The advert is not particularly offensive to an adult…but could shock a child.

Censorship is a slippery and dangerous territory for a government to sanction. As La Gringa mentioned in today’s post, the Honduran government is anxious to censor our media, fearful of its power.

One of the more useful solutions is to have specific publications for the topics were are interested in learning about. That way editors can decide whether an article will be well received, or is likely to offend the publication’s readers. Readers would know what to expect from the outset, and offensive content would only leak out if it were done intentionally.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Update: After more than 2000 complaints, Hong Kong declines to label the Bible as indecent…duh!

    You can read the Reuters article here

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