Is this our future?

May 28th, 2007

Our president has been friendly with Hugo Chavez for a while now, and was in Venezuela last friday. Today Hugo Chavez is taking down Venezuela’s most popular TV station for criticizing him, is this our future? (also on CNN)

  • Tom

    Hi Aaron. Good stuff! Give me your take on Hugo Chavez.

    I can’t figure the guy out. I really wonder what he’ll do when Bush is out of office. Who will be the next Great Satan for him?

    Does the average Honduran think he’s a great Leader?

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Chavez was democratically elected, but he’s ruthless and won’t relinquish power. He had already tried to become dictator in 1992, but failed, in his words “for now”.

    I think many Latin Americans see through him…He just loves attention. I’d say his supporters all have a lot to gain in supporting him, and few actually believe anything he says, with the disturbing exception of children and youth.

    He knows how to manipulate the masses, to get people to talk about him, he’s very shrewd. Once Bush is gone, I’m sure he’ll find some new target.

    There is enough anti-US sentiment to outlast even a pro-Latin America US president, he’d probably try to use the US, while pretending to oppose them. Like Tolkien’s Saruman, Chavez has “honey on his forkéd tongue”

    As for the average Honduran, I’d say they would easily be deceived by someone like Chavez. Most Hondurans wouldn’t mind an oppressive government if they offered them the hope of a better life. Thus greed and poverty promote communism.

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