Google Earth fest

July 3rd, 2007

I can waste invest many hours in scouring Google Earth for interesting stuff. This video beat me to it. I just might make one of my own soon.

I especially like the indian face, although I suppose it’s probably man-made. The ending is so frightening you MUST see it! 😉

  • Steve Ballmer
  • Aaron Ortiz


    Blogging is like a volleyball game, you drop the ball when you just want me to visit yours, but don’t contribute to mine. Are we on the same team?

    Feel free to comment, please don’t spam.

    I prefer FSJ anyway. A parody of a parody is too recursive for my taste.

  • andis

    aaron I linked your blog through la gringas, Have been reading them through the last month, nice writing. I like that google feature, I was looking at San Pedro Sula and was able to make out a water park and upon close examination a Soccer stadium, At first I thought it was like a race track until I zoomed in.
    My son-in-law is from there.
    Nice blog you have going

  • Tom

    The second image was the most intriguing to me. Do you know if this was man made?

    the first image was all erosion I’m sure, but the second was incredible. Maybe it was enhanced with a bulldozer.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Hi Andis,

    I’m glad you like the blog, Google Earth is awesome, isn’t it?

    I was looking at the second face, Tom. It’s in Canada, in Alberta province, near Irvine. Here’s a link to it in Google Maps.

    It doesn’t look man-made, although if I was bored and had a Cessna, a bulldozer and a GPS I just might try it.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    I found a strange thing nearby. It’s a weird set of concentric roads many miles across. Google Maps says it’s a military installation. The few buildings scattered though it look tiny.

    If I were an alien peering at earth through a telescope, looking for intelligent life, this would be proof.

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