August 10th, 2007

I saw a video by The Pinky Show where an ant steps up to the mic and basically blames light pollution for humans losing sight of their place in the universe.

That same day, I found this article about a rare meteor shower on the evening of August 31/September 1. And, also I realized that tomorrow is the peak of the annual Leonids meteor shower. This year scientists expect a nice show, considering the moon won’t rise until it’s daytime.

Therefore my project for the weekend, convince friends of mine to wake up in the ungodly hour of 3 in the morning so we can go watch it! The great thing is both nights fall on a weekend.

You need to drive away from big cities to see them. In Ceiba I’ve seen them at the beach at Palma Real resort. Another great (but probably unsafe) place to see them in Ceiba is the pineapple plantations outside of town, with the added bonus of beautiful mountains behind you. In Teguz you need to drive toward Valle de Angeles, or toward El Zamorano and Danli.

The roads are dangerous at that time of morning. I once hit a practically invisible black cow that was sitting in the middle of a curve in the narrow, winding, unmarked asphalt road to Valle de Angeles. Four major repairs and 30K Lempiras later, I ended up having to sell the car at a giveaway price of 30K lps. I had originally paid 80K for it! Arghh, dumb cow!

Hopefully I’ll get a friend of mine to lend me his tripod so we can photograph some of them. So, you might be seeing some starry pics here soon, to put you in your place…in the universe that is. 😉

Image by Russ García

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  • Matthew

    Hey Aaron,

    Just a heads up. On the 28th, there will be a unique lunar eclipse where the moon will be sunset red for over an hour. Sounds like something you’d enjoy, and I don’t want to miss it either.

    There’s more info on the NASA page (Honduras falls within the Mountain Time zone).

  • Aaron Ortiz

    All right! Sounds great! Thanks man.

    I’ll have to find a good location, maybe I’ll risk walking to the other side of the hill I live in, but there might be trees and houses in the way…I’ll try to borrow a car, for safety.

  • eduardo a.

    Nice new banner on your blog. Good luck on the meteor shower watching..

  • Honduras Sprout

    ohhh! I have to remember about the lunar eclipse. My daughter will love it. I won’t be driving out of SPS to see the meteor shower, but I’ll look for the photos you get and any interesting stories you have about your trek to see them. Be safe and watch out for cows or those pesky jalopies with one headlight and no tail lights.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Unfortunately I missed out on the Leonids, it was raining. Hopefully I’ll get to see the Alpha Aurigids.

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