Aaron Ortiz, Rest in Peace

August 29th, 2007

I’m very sorry to say that one of my namesakes recently died prematurely. Aaron Ortiz of Easton, Massachusetts, drowned at a football camp last week, aparently from physical exhaustion. He was only 15. The group had been exercising heavily before going swimming. What more terrible is that his brother, Adam, who is a lifeguard (See comments for correction) was with him at the time and was unable to save him.

If any friends or family of Aaron should read this, I am very sorry for your loss. I have also lost a teenager in my family recently, and can share your grief.

  • Anonymous

    Adam ortiz is not a life gaurd he was on his school swim team for a season.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Thanks anon, I misread the article. I’ll correct it.

  • xoxolovegrl

    I was a friend of aaron’s and i just can’t beleve he’s gone because he not only was my friend he was like my family and just gonna miss his hugs and even the stupid things he always said…..R.I.P AO 8-23-07

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Xoxo, Death is so painful for those of us left behind. All we have left is the hope of Heaven.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    When, Nancy, my niece, died two years ago, I wanted to die and bring her back. I never knew such pain in my life before. She was so young, full of life, beautiful, and pure, she was still a rosebud that hadn’t opened into full bloom. I was angry at God for letting her die, angry that I didn’t die instead. But now, I am mostly at peace, and my anger is still there, but tamed.

  • Anonymous

    I love Aaron Ortiz, he was theb best person i’ve ever met. i remember so many phone calls with him. He was the best listener. He was a beautiful person, and had a smie that put the sun too shame. I miss him everyday. 082307; I’ll be seeing you baby.

  • Aaron Ortiz

    I truly hope you do, anon.

  • Anonymous

    My heart goes out to all of you. One of my best friends lost his 3 1/2 yr old daughter to cancer some time ago. That beautiful little girl made a tremendous impact on my life and many others in her short time on earth. Even more so than some who have lived many more decades than her. We’re privileged to have known these special people.


  • eastsideao

    this is adam ortiz aaron brother i would like to know who posted this site and so would my family so please hit me back up at my email eastsideao@yahoo.com

  • 508

    hi this is adam ortiz aarons brother my family and i would lik to kno who put up this side so if u would please hit me up at my email i would be very thankful


  • Anonymous

    Aaron was my cousin, and i was supposed to go to his house the night before so i can spend my summer with him.But that all came to a end when he died. I love u Aaron

  • Anonymous

    i was sitting on my computer the other day and just looking around when i saw a video on his friends myspace. i remember when everyone heard. the whole town just froze.


  • Anonymous

    i love you aaron ortiz.. u will be missed, you were such a beautiful person and i always wonder what could have happened.


  • Anonymous

    He had an impact on everyone as im writing this i didnt kno him all tht well just through football but tht day up at camp was my first real dose of losing someone and to this day there has not been a week i havnt forgotten and there never will be

  • damn cuss i miss u soo much i can believe ur gone ur gone but ur neva forgotten

    R.ii.P primo

  • Isaiahsachez729

    i miss aaron i remeber when  u use to go to jakes house and i use 2 chill with u and jake i miss those old times:( R.I.P i will always remeber u

    • I’m very sorry Isaiah, all we can do is remember those good times with a smile and be thankful we shared someone else’s happiness.

  • Joeyhernandeztravers

    this is joey aarons cousin i just wanna say that he had the best heart out of anyone that i knew and i am proud to have been graced with his presence for 16 short years and whoever made this lil blog or whatever this is please contact my cousin adam ortiz he really would appreciate it and like to be able to thank whoever this is R.I.P aaron christian ortiz i love you cuz  

  • Joeyhernandeztravers

    15 mistyped it sheeesh my titi sonia will kill me sorry lol R.I.P AA

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