Less H1B Visas! Congress Wake Up!

September 7th, 2007

According to this eWeek article, the U.S congress is considering raising fees and reducing the quota of H1B visas to highly skilled immigrants. This is an expression of the xenophobia that’s running rampant in the first world.

Isn’t this the result of globalization? Bringing the smartest people in the world to your country, to work for your companies, and spend your money, on your products is not a stupid idea. Keeping them away and allowing them to waste their talent or working for the competition is not a smart idea.

Jobs in the first world have gone elsewhere, where labor is cheaper. But workers in those countries are fleeing the jobs that pay the subsistence-only salaries. In the end, if the job market is left alone, there will be equality. Jobs will no longer go to Asia and Latin America if labor prices there are the same as in the first world. Unless, and this is a big unless, unless the first world countries stop immigration.

The mass exodus is caused because workers realize they are being cheated and enslaved. They risk their lives and families to find freedom in the first world. When the big companies realize that it’s no longer cheaper to hire labor from the third world, they’ll start hiring from home again. This can only come about if immigration restrictions are removed. Otherwise, the third world nations are condemned to perpetual poverty, and and in the first world, more and more workers will lose their jobs.

Guess what the first world countries will do? If you guessed they’d want to keep us in poverty, you guessed right! The result will be a lose-lose situation. The first world will lose jobs and prosperity, and skilled workers. The third world will remain steeped in poverty, and will turn to the leftist politicians. The U.S. Congress is handing Latin America to the leftists with a nice garnish of isolationism. This has already revived the cold war, and might create a conventional war soon.

The message to the first world: Don’t be afraid of the poor, live up to your ideals of freedom, or lose your leadership in the world!

Images by Matt Harriger and Pete Ashton, used under a Creative Commons license

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