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September 10th, 2007

These are some of my favorites from my flickr photo stream (Aaron Ortiz on flickr).

I take a while to psych myself up to a purchase, and I decided that 25$ for a year of better options with flickr is worth it. I guess. Buyer’s guilt starts seeping into me, and my conscience is hiding behind my shoulder, peeking every once in a while, fearful and submissive. It knows I’ll spank it if it tries to make me feel guilty for the splurge.

The ad proclaims loudly:

  • Unlimited storage
    • (I was 100 pictures over the limit, so my older pics were hidden)
  • Unlimited uploads
    • (this is unnecessary for me)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
    • (never needed more)
  • Unlimited sets
    • (being the perfectionist that I am, this is a big plus)
  • Permanent archiving of high resolution images
    • (this is great, as I’ve lost pictures when my computer has died in the past)
  • Ad-free browsing and sharing
    • (I have an ad-blocker, so no big deal)
  • Stats on my account
    • (Ego stats! Where do I sign!)

I’ve tried out Picasa Web Albums, and while Picasa itself is great, the web version is sorely lacking compared to flickr. Flickr has the added benefit of a community of users. The effect is that of having a photo blog, a photo stream. Flickr is also more elegant, although both are very powerful. I wouldn’t pay for extra space on Picasa Web though.

If you’ve never tried Picasa or flickr, and like taking pictures, even if they’re just for your blog, I recommend you download Picasa (it’s free) and sign up for Flickr (also free, but with limitations). The tools are very useful and slightly addictive.

Conscience! Cooooooonscience! Come out, come out wherever you are!

  • John Frusciante

    You should try http://www.zooomr.com/ Zoomr, called “flickr” on steroids, offers most of what you want for free

  • Trish

    No thoughts on the flickr/picasa debate, but your photos are beautiful!

  • Patty

    Aaron, your pictures are beautiful.


  • Aaron Ortiz

    Wow, Patty and Trish, I’m glad you like them, they are my favorites among thousands I’ve taken over the past year or two.

    Thanks for the tip John!

  • John "The ripper" Frusciante

    I must add something. Al though I do like zoomr, it seems you’re a bit tech savvy, if you’re so into paying for hosting, why not pay for a cheap hosting package, maybe $50-90 ( depends on the plan, get your on domain ( pensievehn.com maybe?) and host your own photos, there are thousands of built in image galleries. Plus you would have benefits like daily hits and stats.
    Anyway just thought I’d mention it… Food for thoughts as they say…

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Hi John,

    Well I do have my own domain, and did host a photo blog on my site, but I hardly got any visitors. Thats what I like about flickr. There are a lot of people who enjoy photography, and look at all your pics, and comment, and suggest. It’s the community that I like most about it.

    my domain is http://www.aeortiz.com.

  • John

    oh you attention whore you. lol!
    Ah well if you can’t beat ’em join ’em!

    PD. a mi me da miedo subir las fotografías, porque se me hace que me confiare y no las “backupiare” por confiar que estan en zoomr o flickr, sin embargo, no todas mis fotos estan “backopiadas”… ah que dilema 😛

  • John

    P.D.D Hit enter by mistake on previous comment, wow very nice webpage, I wish I had those type of coding skills!
    Very simple and easy browsing is always a plus!

    What I don’t like about communities is that maybe someone says “OMG dear lord that’s the best pic i’ve seen” Yet they simply say it because the picture is nice, but not because they get the “history” so to say behind a captured frame.
    P.D.D. I’m also an amateur photographer and we have several images in that look the same, like Amapala or so I think it is? The one with the worm-to-be-butterflythingy, la tigra… I guess same surroundings produce same inspiration lol… I’ll be sure to upload them so you can see what i’m talking about 🙂

  • La Gringa

    Aaron, the more I read, the more I think we have in common. Not the photography — the guilt, the paranoia, the striving for perfection (although you come much closer than I ever will….


    Oh, and of course your photos are beautiful!

  • Aaron Ortiz

    LOL, thanks gringa!

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