Jobs is Number 1 on Fortune

November 27th, 2007

Fortune Magazine has put Steve Jobs first in this years list of most powerful business leaders. The fortune article delivers a panegyric to this man, who some have blasphemously labelled the “iGod”. He is an expert in raking in the cash, but he is also a very successful marketer. It doesn’t hurt that the design team he leads has created, among flops of course, come of the most beautiful (magical?) gadgets ever made.

Where Jobs has really gotten to me is with Pixar though. What a collection of movie art! The Incredibles is my favorite, closely followed by Ratatouille and Toy Story 2. Of course much of the credit is for Brad Bird and others at Pixar.

I have yet to buy an iPod, for to me most of Jobs’s gadgets are overpriced. But, this year 2008, might be the year I finally crack and spend some money on one.

Image by tregenza, used with a Creative Commons license

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