Asking for the Way

October 21st, 2008

The lyrics to a song came to me today in a small park near where I work, after sleeping too little, drinking too much caffeine, a Red Bull, and listening to the Beatles for a few hours. I guess drug-induced stupor does wonders for creativity, be they legal drugs or not.

The day dawned bright but misty and cool. Monarchs wind though the sky, migrating south to survive the winter.


The waters have closed over my head.
My faith is gone; I have nothing.
My friends floating by, oblivious,
Enjoy pretty lights as I drown.

But then I fly
Like a monarch in a hurricane.
I wish I were an eagle,
But it’d be useless anyway.
Yes I fly
Like a monarch in a hurricane.
I wish I were an eagle,
But it’d be all the same.

An old man walks by, feeding the birds
they’re defining his life with their greed.
And I wait for an answer, wait for a sign,
A reason for life, to believe.

(repeat chorus)

I’m lost in the haze of translucent days,
In a ragged phase of despair.
Then a friendly face asking for the way
Makes me realize that you’re there.

(repeat chorus)

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  • Anonymous

    While reading your lyrics, *California Dreaming* by the Mamas and the Papas came into my head. With a little rearranging of your words, it could work. 😉


  • Aaron Ortiz

    Yep, that’ll be my project for the night…hopefully things will go well

  • Laurie

    There’s always Prozac, Aaron. Smile.

  • Aaron Ortiz


  • Anonymous

    LOL is good, Aaron. So is writing music.


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