Drug War by Proxy

March 10th, 2009

In an ever more common occurrence, today a plane with a cargo of cocaine, crashed in Honduras. Most of the drug perished in the incident, together with the unfortunate pilot. In a similar incident a year-and-a-half ago, a plane crash-landed into a banana plantation where cars were waiting to usher the drug cargo and the crew away. Both planes came from Venezuela.

Why would planes carrying cocaine take off from Venezuela and crash land in Honduras? Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is an active supporter of the Colombian guerrila group FARC, whose ties with the narcos are blurred to the vanishing point. Both countries have substantial rain forests and areas far from the scrutiny of the US government. Both are in line with the supply routes from South America, to the principal drug market, the USA. Both countries are led by people who have political predilection for leftist groups. The Honduran president even made a public statement saying that it was more practical to rehabilitate drug users than fight the narcos, whose pockets were deeper than the taxpayers’, and even suggested drugs should be legalized, before retracting his statements. Chávez is a self-confessed coca user.

Wars by proxy function by weakening the enemy indirectly, often by making them spend themselves into collapse. The nuclear arms race between the Soviet Union and the United States is an example. I believe the Iraq war was also a proxy war, to keep the radical islamists (i.e. Iran) busy in Iraq and not in Israel, or worse, in the US. Is Chávez is using the same tactics against the US by fueling the Narcos’ ongoing battle? The US is in no position to spend more, neither is Mexico, nor any country in the drug corridor. If this is indeed his strategy, it is genius, and is already succeeding wildly, to the detriment of the hundreds of millions of people between the warring states, the Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Honduras, Nicaraguans, Costa Ricans and Panamanians.

Image by Kyle May, used with a Creative Commons license

  • Daniel

    I agree on your point of view about the Iraq war, it makes total sense.

    I do think the US still has some more money to spend on the drug trade and that will be to put troops in Mexico to fight the cartels there…dont you think its very well timed that now they want to put the troops out of iraq and the iranis are mellower and so more emphasis is given on the drug wars in mexico….

    Those secret political agendas really ruin my day

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Hadn’t thought of the Iraq pullout being directly related to sending troops to the US/Mexico border…interesting.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with your point on Iraq, but, Obama wants to build up troops in Afghanistan next.


  • Aaron Ortiz

    If the Iraq war was indeed a war by proxy, Obama was probably briefed on it in his first days in office. But since he pledged a full pullout from Iraq, a new diversion for Iran would need to be created.

    But an astonishingly more difficult, if better solution, is not to fight Iran at all, but to get them to recognize Israel’s right to exist in exchange for help in establishing their nuclear and space technology. Such a solution would earn him a Nobel Peace Prize to say the least.

    But maybe by then we will have genetically engineered pigs with a 6 foot wingspan.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! We already have all the bloated pork anyone could possibly imagine!


  • Aaron Ortiz


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