Mel Zelaya admits he wants to stay in power

March 14th, 2009

There is no longer a need to speculate about Mel Zelaya’s ambitions to stay in power, he has made them public. He would like to hold a referendum to modify the constitution. He uses exactly the same argument Chavez used: it is the people’s choice.

What Mel doesn’t have is oil wells, Chavez’s charisma, and a George W. Bush to rail against. He won’t get a majority; even his own part members are against his proposal. Mel is so naive and blind; it’s almost sad. What’s worse, his megalomania can do greater damage to Honduras than Chavez is doing to Venezuela. Mel doesn’t have the same deck of cards Fidel had or Chavez has.

But still, the majority of Hondurans are uneducated poor, whose goverenment deliberately keeps empoverished and ignorant…because that makes them easier to delude, and makes it easier for politicians to walk away with truckloads of corrupt cash, foreign aid and missapropiated taxes. Could they be swayed?

I hope the opposition can get this message accross to the people: Mel doesn’t care about you, he is using you, stealing your money for education, your money for health care, and worse, stealing your freedom. We need them to be enraged at the prolonged rape that Mel and his cronies are doing to our country. And, he doesn’t want to stop.

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  • Andres Velasquez

    If congress and the opposition accepts to have that 4th ballot box, its for sure that Mel will do everything in his power to fool the poor and misinformed people of Honduras, which are the minority, and for sure, he will continue in power..may God and the people that can, save our country.

  • Daniel

    As I see it, if the sh*t hits the fan and there is a 4th ballot box, Mel will not be the president on the next term…because the other ballot boxes will elect our next president, So Mel would have to wait 4 years if he still is seeking power and then Callejas will surely rise to the ocassion and proclaim he wants to be president again and I assure you that Callejas would win over Mel.

    So, unless something terribly corrupt arises, next year the pres will be Elvin or Pepe

  • Aaron Ortiz

    Ouch, another callejas presidency?

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