Another Refreshing View on the Honduras Constitutional Crisis

June 30th, 2009

I know many of you may mistrust Fox News. I know you might think they are biased. Nevertheless if you were to examine the local press in Honduras for the past few months as I have, you would know they are telling the truth. Please read La Gringa’s blogicito, Laurie’s Blog Spot, Sowers For Pastors, for the opinions of American citizens living in Honduras.

I am praying for God to confuse Chávez and Zelaya, so their pride will blind them and lead them into a mistake. I am also praying for absolute peace, let not 1 person become a martyr for either side. And finally, I’m asking God to make the truth known and to use Honduras to make an example to the world, for good for once!

We live in an information age, where who ever controls the information is the one who controls everything. No matter what your nationality is, please email your president and your legislators, and let them know how you feel and what you think about the current situation in Honduras.

Please email them with your opinions and help us get the truth out!

  • David

    You are so right….

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