Zelaya Wants Showdown at the Airport

July 4th, 2009

Mel Zelaya is set to return to Honduras tomorrow under the delusion that most of the Honduran people want him back. He is urging all Hondurans to go receive him at Toncontín airport. But he’s asking them not to take any weapons. Wise move.

The violent instigators have so far been those in favor of Zelaya, but he seems not to see this; that seems to be another delusion on his part. Does he really believe the news channels that have been mostly echoing Chavista propaganda?

“We are going to show up at the Honduras International Airport in Tegucigalpa with several presidents and members of international communities, and Sunday we will be in Tegucigalpa,” …

“I ask all farmers, residents, Indians, young people and all workers’ groups, businessmen and friends … to accompany me on my return to Honduras,” … “Do not bring weapons. Practice what I have always preached, which is nonviolence. Let them be the ones who use violence, weapons and repression,”… “I hold the coup plotters responsible for the lives of each and every person.”(WSJ article)

The video above is of Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguez asking Zelaya not to return tomorrow, to avoid bloodshed.

“Amigo José Manuel Zelaya, a return to the country in this moment could unleash a bloodbath. … I know you love life, you respect life,” said the Cardinal, “until today, not a single Honduran has died. Please meditate on this, because later it will be too late.”

I join in with the Cardinal’s plea. Mel Zelaya, please, I beg you, for everyone’s good, even your own, don’t return to Honduras tomorrow, I don’t want to remember the 5th of July, 2009 as the day of the Toncontín Massacre.

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