Honduras this Week: The Civil Coup

July 21st, 2009

A very interesting article from a Honduran source, Honduras this Week, The Civil Coup the World Overlooks, says that the real coup was led by Zelaya on Thursday July 25th, and his arrest on the 28th was the restoration of constitutional order.

The above video is from Thursday, when Zelaya led a mob of his supporters to storm the Air Force headquarters to remove the ballots for the referendum that the Supreme Court had ruled unconstitutional, and the Congress, illegal. Can the president break the law with impunity? Perhaps the most important statement Zelaya made was a casual comment that next year the country would be ruled by a constitutional assembly. What about the elections?

In this video he says that the the opposition of the Congress and the Supreme Court to his desires were “arbitrary and illegal” and constitute a “de facto coup”, and that a constituent assembly is “badly needed”. The Supreme Court and Congress are meant to be a check and balance on the Executive branch. Are they coupsters for upholding separation of the powers of the state?

Remember this is before his arrest on Sunday.

The truth is that Zelaya, stung by Congress and the Supreme Court’s independence, was plotting a coup of his own, ignoring the November elections and abusing the word “democracy” to the point of robbing it of all meaning.

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