Hondurans’ Greatest Joy

August 13th, 2009

Honduras beat Costa Rica 4-0 yesterday in the World Cup qualifying round. This is one of the few joys for most of the nation’s poor. Take away soccer, and you’d have an uprising quicker than you would if you took away the president and whisked him to Costa Rica! Soccer is so important to Honduras, that the death toll for soccer-related brawls is five times as high as the death toll for the political situation in the past two months.

Yesterday many of my expat friends and I huddled around a TV, which we had wired to a laptop, watching a justin TV stream. Even cable sports channels like ESPN ignore Honduran games, so the only way people outside the country can watch the game is through the internet.

  • Anonymous

    Good for Honduras!
    I'd be the same if it were about the NY Yankees!


  • Aaron Ortiz

    Thanks Kman, we have a long road ahead of us in the qualify round. I just hope we keep winning!

  • La Gringa

    Even I was joyful and I'm not interested in sports! The front page of the Golazo section has a picture of 2 of the players with a huge caption:


  • Mrxtfr

    Lots of reason for joy today, eh? !!!

    • Most definitely yes! But there are many games to win yet.

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