Proof of Manuel Zelaya’s Media Bribery?

August 21st, 2009

This graph of the recipients of Mel Zelaya’s 2009 publicity budget of 1.42 million dollars is from a recent entry in La Gringa’s Blogicito. The most important part is the lower right hand corner, which has a photocopy of the latest cashed check for, 2.5 million Lempiras (+-132 thousand dollars), made out to Esdras Amado Lopez from Zelaya’s government.

Why is this important? Because Esdras Amado Lopez’s and Eduardo Maldonado’s TV stations, who recieved more than half of Zelaya’s budget, were the ones shut down on June 28th. International human rights organizations, acting on mass Venezuelan media attention, have condemned Micheletti’s decision to temporarily shut down these media. But Micheletti’s defense is: “these channels were branches of Manuel Zelaya’s government.”.

Should we join the Venezuelan news sources in condemning Micheletti, when their hero, Hugo Chávez, is guilty of the permanent shutdown of Radio Caracas Television, scores of radio stations, and arbitrarily delays to renew licenses to all opposition media?

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