Nuclear Partnership: Ahmadinejad and Chávez

September 11th, 2009

Voice of America news is reporting Hugo Chávez’s plans for a nuclear partnership between Iran and Venezuela. Venezuela has large reserves of unmined uranium, while Iran has advanced its nuclear program to a degree where developing a nuclear weapon is feasible in the short term.

What would Chávez do with a nuclear weapon? I doubt he would use it. First he would claim that Venezuela has the right to nuclear power for peaceful purposes, and then he would try to spread nuclear power to all his satellite ALBA states.

After a while of this, he would claim that an arsenal of nuclear weapons is a necessary deterrent to prevent a US invasion. The endgame, a world in which everyone has nuclear capabilities, and are only one psychopath away from a disaster greater than Osama’s terrorist attacks we remember today. The fate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki could befall Miami or Bogotá?

Anti-ballistic missile shields would have to be built in the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico, and…Colombia? I can just see the face of Hugo Chávez should that occur. But an anti-ballistic missile site anywhere outside the US is a political nightmare that invites attacks.

Image by Sprol, used with a Creative Commons license.

  • The headbanging continues. The kool-aid must be fine stuff…nobody seems to recognize the implications of incessant media misdirection on judgement.
    You are perfectly familiar with U.S. interference. Do you think it’s any different regarding Iran ?
    Refer to an article on the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty : then think about what Iran signed on for…and Iraq and North Korea. Look at the Third Pillar of the NPT.
    And reflect on how easy it is to pose Ahmadinejad as a bigoted jackass. Um. Not only does he not speak English….he’s not in charge!
    Try a radical change of head space
    Upper left : Informed Bias
    Also Dec 20 on Afghanistan and Dec 4 on Global Warming also relate to a foreign policy designed to punish and discredit states that try to use nuclear power generation in an open fashion.

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