Forget about Iran

September 23rd, 2009
Nuclear Disarmament Logo

Nuclear Disarmament Logo

Why am I blogging about Iran when Honduran democracy is in peril?

A quick analysis of the left block strategy for this week: deflect attention from Iran. The press noticed Chávez’s overtures with Ahmadinejad, and their public commitment to nuclear partnership; Chávez was shrewd then to make his nuclear pact with Russia instead. Obama tried to set the UN General Assembly’s agenda to talk about nuclear disarmament, by unilaterally withdrawing the US’s plan for a missile shield to protect against Iranian missiles. But Chávez then sent his puppet Zelaya back to Honduras, to deflect attention from Iran, set his agenda in the UN, and remove Micheletti’s successful blockade of the pink tide in a triple punch.

I am extremely worried about what the US or the ALBA nations could do in Honduras. Their interventions amount to a democratic invasion to effect regime change. I am disgusted at Secretary Clinton’s words. I almost have the morbid hope that Zelaya will return in power and prove her wrong and my fears correct, but then I think of all the suffering this will cause, and relent.

What I want:

  1. Manuel Zelaya stripped of his Honduran citizenship, rotting in jail
  2. Not a single dead Honduran
  3. Chávez with his boot in his mouth
  4. The end of US and UN intervention in Honduras
  5. Elections in November

What is best?

Image by Icy, used with a Creative Commons license.

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