Thousands of Singing Hondurans

September 24th, 2009

About twenty thousand Hondurans participated in a peaceful demonstration today near the UN building, the Brazilian embassy and the US embassy in Tegucigalpa. They were marching for “Peace”, “Democracy” and the “Defense of the Constitution of the Republic”. I wish they had interviewed some of Zelaya’s supporters from days past for you to see the extreme contrast between their attitudes, and that of those who marched today.

Don’t expect to hear any of this in the pro-Zelaya media.

Especially comical is the song that they sing at the end of the report, a rewording of popular ballad, Sacaremos ese Buey de la Barranca (We’ll get that ox out of the canyon). This is a link to a recent rendition by Los Felinos. The protesters were singing it Sacaremos ese Buey de la Embajada (We’ll get that ox out of the embassy).

It seems that we have a regular zoo in Honduras. Hugo Chavez called Micheletti a gorilla, and nicknamed him “Goriletti”. Now we have people calling Zelaya an ox! The Spanish word for ox, “buey”, or colloquially, “güey” is a mild insult in Mexico, but not in Honduras.

Here is a transcript of this video, by el Heraldo, in English:

EL HERALDO: “Hello, good morning, good afternoon, or good night, wherever you are, in any part of the world, welcome to ”

“In this moment I am near the UN building. As we can see, tens of thousands of protesters have assembled in what they call ‘The March in Favor of Peace’, ‘The March in Favor of Democracy’, ‘The March in Defense of the Constitution of the Republic’. ”

“The majority of the protesters have expressed a total rejection of ex-president Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales and have also condemned and expressed their rejection of Hugo Chavez Frías, president of Venezuela.”

“I want to leave you with a bit of the environment that is happening in the capital and want you to hear the impressions of people who have attended the march.”

El HERALDO: A very good morning, madam, greets you. Tell me, what has motivated you to come to the marches in favor of democracy?”

PROTESTER 1: “Well, what we want is elections, right? And we want liberty and peace in our country.”

EL HERALDO: “What is the call you make to the international community so that they know the reality of what is happening in Honduras?

PROTESTER 1: “This man made mistakes, because he violated the constitution. And that is why we’re fighting as Hondurans, right? We don’t want him any more. We want there to be peace and that there will be elections.”

PROTESTER 2: “Truly, democracy, honesty and justice. The people are here, the real people the people who have suffered all these mishaps that this man has come to do entering Honduras again.”

EL HERALDO: “Marcio, if you could send a message to Mr. Zelaya, what would it be?”

PROTESTER 2: “Turn yourself in to the authorities.”

EL HERALDO: “These are some of the impressions that we have here in Tegucigalpa, the capital of the republic, near the headquarters of the UN.  Thank you for being in tune with us. This is”

PEOPLE SINGING: “We’ll get that ox out of the embassy, from the embassy we’ll get out that ox! We’ll get that ox out of the embassy, from the embassy we’ll get out that ox!”

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