Miguel Torres: Doña Esperanza

September 30th, 2009

I met Miguel Torres when he drove me to a music practice in his taxi. I don’t remember what song it was, but the song he had on the car stereo struck me as highly unusual music for a taxi driver. We started a conversation about music, and he told me he too was a musician (and a mac user) and had produced and recorded a cd of his music and was working on the second one.

From there I’m glad to say that I have become one of his friends, for he doesn’t have many. I’ve spent many a night in conversation with his wife, his 6-year old daughter, his best friend and fellow taxi driver José Luis, or just playing music. I’ve also had the privilege of sharing the stage with him once.

Our latest project together was this video, which we recorded on the streets of Monterrey last Saturday. It is my first shot at video direction and production. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Carlos Lepe

    Muy buen trabajo amigo, eres genial. Me gusto mucho el video. Saludes a Miguel y familia.

    • Gracias Carlos! Como estas?

      • Carlos Lepe

        Bien Aaron muchas gracias, a ver cuando vemos algo nuevo de tu trabajo. Terminaste el remake de Buscando la Navidad? Quiero un en videoa copia porfavor.

        Tu banda suena muy bien tambien.


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