Zelaya Won’t Pursue Return to Power?

November 14th, 2009

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In a unusual statement reported by the Washington Post, Manuel Zelaya said he won’t return to power as a part of any agreement that legitimizes the June 28 “coup”. Apparently this is from a letter Zelaya wrote to Obama, which he read on Radio Globo by telephone.

Could this be his surrender? I hesitate to believe so. There have been terrorist attacks on media and shopping malls lately. A rocket propelled grenade was launched, intending to hit a building where election materials are housed, but missed. A strange explosion, which might have been the grenade, late at night was heard after an airplane flew uncharacteristically low over the southern side of Tegucigalpa a few days ago.

Is this is a missile thrown directly at the election, which Zelaya never wanted? Even if it is I doubt it would work, it is counterproductive to his cause. I am confused as to why he thinks this is a good strategy. Perhaps this is his way of ignoring the provision in the both the San José, and the Tegucigalpa/San José accords that he must drop any pretension to reform the constitution.

There are many reports about what Zelaya said in the international news, but little substance. Beside the Washington post, Telesur, El Heraldo, the Associated Press have issued very similar reports. The El Proceso Digital article is the only one to report in detail. His words:

“En mi condición de Presidente electo por el pueblo Hondureño, reafirmo mi decisión que a partir de esta fecha cualquiera que fuera el caso, yo no acepto, ningún acuerdo de retorno a la presidencia, para encubrir el golpe de Estado”

“In my condition as President elected by the Honduran people, I reaffirm my decision, that from this day forward, whatever the case, I do not accept any agreement to return the presidency to cover up the coup.”

I know Zelaya a little too well to celebrate yet. Let’s see what he has prepared for the next few weeks. I assure you, he won’t go peacefully. The Brazilian embassy needs to expel him immediately, or be responsible for the damages, and possible deaths of voluble Hondurans, willing to sacrifice their lives for a very unworthy leader.

Should he call on his followers to surrender their fight and support the election, THAT would be victory.

UPDATE: 11:09 pm

El Proceso Digital has posted the entire contents of the letter as read by Zelaya, you may read the Google translation of it here. From reading it, I gather that yes, his intention is to attack the election to create a constitutional crisis. In his letter he casts the election in the most unfavorable light possible. A failed election, in his eyes, could lead to his restitution, not as part of a negotiated accord which severely limits his power, but as the head of a victorious resistance, and backed by his friends, the ALBA nations.

  • andy

    This is somewhat an I give up statement. They(Chavistas) ae trying to paint the picture The US is behind the coup. This is something they said they would do before it went down as we learned from some of La Gringas post almost 3 months ago. The reason for this is to at least get something out of the US turning on them. This is more about Obama then anything else. They are hoping to pressure Obama into staying out of what takes place in other ALBA or prospective ALBA countries.
    This is already in Wall Street Journal.

    • The WSJ analysis is very concise, he won’t accept power if it means he must recognize the November elections. At least he’s finally being a little more honest about it.

      To arrive at that conclusion we need to do some mind-wrestling to get through all Zelaya’s doublespeak.

  • andy

    Look at Miami Herald. There is a picture of him with his wife. Maybe they ae just plain tired and ready to give up. Perhaps it is Chavez that has not allowed him to do such. There was very little left Zelaya could do for Chavez but write that letter and blame it all on Obama. Hoping Obama will feel pressured away when the go after Nicaragua,Salvador and and Paraguay.

    I also find it interesting because earlier in the day or perhaps yesterday Eduardo Maldanado announced he was leaving the resistance and supporting Elvin. The timing suggest Zelaya is quitting and Maldanado knew the letter was coming. I suspect by Monday Zelaya will be out of the country.

  • andy


    this is the link in the miami herald. they are known to change photos fast. Especially, if they read the comment from Charles about her face and a picture is worth a 1000 words.

    • andy

      The same photo was used in a Washington Post story.

      Z’liar could be trying to pressure Obama into forcing him back into power and is pre-setting conditions to not have elections.

      I do not see the strategy working very well.

    • Thanks Andy for the story, I hope he does give up, finally.

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