Chavez Shuts Down RCTV…Again

January 24th, 2010
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, image: César Bojorquez, CC license

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, image: César Bojorquez, CC license

Not content to shut down RCTV on the public airwaves when their broadcasting license expired, by quietly ignoring their repeated attempts at renewing it, Chavez has forced cable TV companies to stop carrying the channel as well. The following CNN report talks about it, in a balanced tone they denied Honduras, when president Micheletti temporarily shut down radio stations were openly transmitting hateful calls for violence and anti-Semitic messages.

I am against any government meddling with the press, either to force them to broadcast the government agenda, or even pay them to do the same. Both carry too much power for the media to be able to remain untainted by them. Furthermore, the government should have the authority to control the public airspace, but not private Cable TV.

The laws Chavez has written in Venezuela allow him to control the media in an almost Orwellian way. Chavez is once more confirming his path to totalitarian dictatorship, twisting the laws he himself put in place during his rule by decree.

  • Alan Campbell

    Boy: “Look at that!”
    Capitalist: “A Socialist!”
    Socialist: “No! A Marxist!”
    Marxist: “No! A Communist!”
    Communist: “No! A greedy Capitalist!”
    Confused Voter: “Wait. What the heck did we elect then?”
    Everybody: “He’s… He’s Chavez!”

    A scene from the newest RCTV movie, if it ever comes back.

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