Why Google Buzz?

February 10th, 2010

I read the tech news yesterday, surprised at Google Buzz, the newest attempt by Google to catch the social networking wave. It wasn’t until today that I was able to login to Buzz.

Google Buzz seems to be facebook without the apps. Or perhaps an augmented Twitter. My equation for it: facebook + twitter + simplicity + centralization. Google created a video to introduce Buzz.

Google hasn’t seen runaway success in social networking yet, it’s Orkut service has only become popular in few countries. Buzz is not a groundbreaking product, but because it sits so comfortably inside gmail, it is very easy to adopt. I predict over half of gmail users will at least try it out.

However there is absolutely no integration between Google Buzz and facebook. This omission, which is probably not an accident, could cost Buzz many users. Facebook has more than 400 million users, while gmail only counts 36 million.

  • Haven’t tried it yet. Occasionally I try Yahoo! Buzz…which I assume some kind of inspiration. Usually, though, I end up back at Current, Care 2 or My Opera. It seems that only in a social network can you find commentary that is not an insult to the intelligence.
    Political group blogs are educational : but since I find politics a chimera promulgated on a farce it has problems engaging me where I live. Then again, one has to keep current on what mischief is afoot.

    • Yes, I didn’t like reading about politics until my country almost fell victim to Chavismo; that forced me to get involved.

  • Politics. Um. I’ll let you get an idea of what I have on tap.

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