My Site Was Hacked, sorry

March 22nd, 2010

Apparently my site was hacked. I removed 17 links to malware and have resubmitted this site to Google, hopefully everything will be ok soon.

  • I’ve had a computer hacked and went crazy enough to scrub the Windows O.S. What did you get for malware and how did you clear it up ? I really get annoyed at that crap.

    • I didn’t download the malware…I don’t know what it was. I went to Norton Safeweb, and they diagnosed it for me free of charge!

      The malware was being installed through a script someone put in the root directory of my website. I’ve deleted the script and changed passwords since.

  • Alan Campbell

    Glad you’re back Aaron. I thought some thugs tried to shut you down. Are you really sure it was a password crack and not any other vulnerability?

  • Since I’m on Blogger too and have heard of more and more sites being attacked I was concerned for a ‘heads up’ for myself. Thanks for the Norton link.

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