Chigüire Bipolar Hacked, Bad Week for Freedom

March 26th, 2010
Chigüire, or capybara, Wikipedia

Chigüire, or capybara, Wikipedia

This week has seen the demise of Google China, the arrest of Guillermo Zuolaga, the president of Globovisión, Venezuela’s last opposition channel, and the reelection of Jose Miguel Insulza as the leader of the OAS.

In a much smaller and more personal level, my website was hacked. But that the Chigüire Bipolar was hacked also, just when I had featured it on Pensieve seems to me one coincidence too many.

Are hackers targeting sites they deem threatening to leftist ideology? Are we seeing a new level of electronic warfare? Or is it just a coincidence and I am growing paranoid?

I find it disgusting that Microsoft jumped at the chance to replace Google and submit to the Chinese government’s rules for self-censorship. Dell, for instance, is moving many of their operations to India. Baidu, a home-grown search engine, has and will remain the market leader in China for now.

I find it even more repulsive that Chavez has arrested the president of Globovision, for alleging, in a closed meeting of the Interamerican Press Society, that Chavez authorized the use of gunfire against Venezuelans during the ill-fated coup of 2002. 20 died in that incident. You may read the text of his comments in Spanish in the El Pais news page about the arrest. It is only one page, but would be too long for this post if I translated it.

That most of the continent should back Insulza’s reelection this Tuesday is very discouraging. Should Honduras be offered to rejoin the OAS, I think we should take a page out of Fidel’s playbook and decide to politely decline, until Venezuela be removed from the OAS for Hugo Chavez’s constant mockery of democracy and blatant abuse of authority.

  • Alan Campbell

    After making so much noise, Google should have moved completely out of China. That way, all sides would have their faces saved. Instead, they left marketing and R&D in the main land and moved to Hong Kong.

    I think this is very irresponsible. It would anger the Communist Party and stir up ugly nationalism. Google’s employees could have their careers ruined. Lives of dissidents could be endangered. All of this while Google’s executives sit comfortably in the US.

    I know my opinion would not be popular. However, this reminds me of the hardship my South Vietnamese friend had to endure after the US left. If Google doesn’t help those affected, my opinion about them would be lowered significantly.

    • Yes, this is very messy of them. I think they were trying to cause the most damage to the government as possible. A bit selfish, perhaps, considering their employees in China.

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