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March 30th, 2010
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After being disappointed by two articles in a row that presented Honduras in the unfavorable light the news wires shine on Honduras, I complained to the editor of Inside Costa Rica with a accusation of severe bias. He responded, and graciously invited me to write an article for them. I thank him, and publicly acknowledge my error.

It is mostly about the events of the 2009 crisis, and how the press shaped them. I was forced to stop reading El Heraldo, although I sympathize with them, because I could not tell if they were exaggerating the story. El Universal of Venezuela was also useful, but slightly right-leaning. The Wall Street Journal was refreshing, as were the BBC, but occasionally overstated a point or two. I turned mostly to El Proceso Digital as my source, because although they lean right, they are much closer to where the news is occurring, and generally show restraint. In contrast, Telesur and The Cuban News Agency may rot in the hell of propaganda news channels.

You may read my article in the “Special Reports” section of the Inside Costa Rica website. It is called “Journalist Political Murders in Honduras“. If you wonder why there are numbers with parentheses in the text, they were my sources, I list them here if you would like to read a bit more about the topic.

1. IAHCR deplores murder of journalist in Honduras
2. Honduras: Investigate Attacks on Journalists
3. Head of Radio Cadena Voces Flees the Country in fear of his life
4. Matan a hijo de periodista hondureño que trabaja para institución militar
5. Mainstream Media Turns Blind Eye as Reporter Survives Assassination Attempt and Another Dies
6. Reporters Without Borders insult murdered journalist in Honduras
7. Letter to the Attorney General of Honduras Urging Investigation into Attacks on Coup Opponents
  • Bravo! Aaron. I am happy you took the initiative to give your point of view.

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