Hurricane Alex Aftermath

July 2nd, 2010

(I wrote the following entry on Friday, July 2, but have been unable to post it until today. As of now, there is no water in my house.)

I just arrived home after exploring the are around my home after Hurricane Alex tore through Monterrey.

The hurricane made landfall Wednesday night as a category two storm. It rained non-stop from Wednesday morning to Thursday night. I haven’t been able to follow it’s progress very well because internet access is sporadic at best.

Yesterday morning I had no cash, and so I went out in the middle of the storm, to get money. A friend of mine gave me a ride to the ATM, which wasn’t working. After a while I went out to find another one, and got practically soaked, even though I had put on several layers of clothes.

After getting back home, I had to put up heavy wooden panels in front of my doors, because the wind was driving the rain against them, and the water would slide down under the door frame, slowly flooding the house. I piled up the furniture in the center of the house to keep the water away from it. Thankfully the bedrooms were dry.

Above are some pictures of the St. Catherine river in downtown Monterrey. Usually this river is barely a swamp, with a small trickle of a current running through it. As of now it is a tumultuous torrent of brown water. Monstrous standing waves look like the backs of giant serpents.

The police, understandably, are asking people to stay away from the river. Several access roads have been washed away, and some bridges damaged, or have sections that have collapsed.

Today there is no water in my house, and there is only one functioning bridge linking the two halves of the city. A friend of mine is without power since last night. One of my friends called and told me his sister’s house fad been flooded with three feet of muddy water. I’ll go there to help him this afternoon.

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