Banksy Writes on Springfield’s Walls

October 11th, 2010

Banksy, the famous British graffiti artist and activist, created this opening sequence for The Simpsons; it is brilliant, and sobering at the same time. Of course it is overstated…that’s the heart of comedy. South Korea is prosperous in comparison even to China. But, I venture to guess that most people in the US who watch the Simpsons never think about the Chinese factory workers and Korean animators who make the Simpsons’ merchandise and create the artwork for every frame of the show.

Things to watch for are a three-eyed buzzard (0:04), the motto on Springfield’s town hall (0:07), Krusty’s new business venture (0:12), and many heartbreakingly funny gags after they all sit on the couch. You’ll probably have to watch the video full screen and with HD resolution to catch them.


Since the shortsighted Fox executives have taken down this video, and tried to make it unavailable, I’m posting a link to BBC Brasil’s report on it, which includes the whole sequence, albeit with reduced quality and some Portuguese commentary. Let’s see them go against freedom of speech and the venerable BBC if they like! You can watch it here:

  • It seems the folks at 20th Century Fox didn’t like the joke…they removed the video. That is very stupid of them. This only generates more publicity against them.

  • I tried to go to their own website to see if they had the video up, but guess what, the video is not available outside the USA. Klowns!

  • The Asia Times claims many US media are animated in NORTH Korea, not South Korea. If this is true, the hellish conditions parodied here, might be nearer the truth than we would like to admit to ourselves.

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