Cobalt Bomb in Honduras!?

October 13th, 2010

I completely disbelieve this news report. In it, it said that the residents of Las Tapias, Francisco Morazán are being evacuated because of radiation from a cobalt bomb. A cobalt bomb is a type of nuclear weapon with little blast capacity, but enormous contamination from fallout. I think that the report must mean a pump, which sadly is a homograph of bomb in Spanish

But a search for “cobalt pump” on Google doesn’t give any answers related to radiation! I severely doubt that a confiscated nuclear weapon is sitting in a warehouse of the Secretariat of Agriculture since 2000 like the article states. Who had it? Who put it there? Why is there no secrecy?

This is clearly an alarming case of misreporting. I don’t trust the news media’s grasp of scientific topics. Even the international news wires display terrible ignorance about them. But what if they are telling the truth?

UPDATE: Incredibly, according to a follow up article, it seems that Honduras is in possession of a cobalt bomb. The casual attitude and denial of danger around it are surreal. I wonder if it heavily guarded, or if a covert military group could steal it, and use it for nuclear warfare. How did this weapon ever get to Honduras? Who and what was it made for?

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