Confused about the Amendments

January 20th, 2011
Congreso Nacional de Honduras, La Tribuna

Congreso Nacional de Honduras, La Tribuna

The constitutional amendments keep coming. It appears though that these still have to be ratified. The changes are only “initiatives”, and are not yet binding. The article I am using as a basis first said the “reform was approved”, but that it still needs to be “ratified” once the next legislature begins on the 25th of January.

Unfortunately, I am ignorant about the details of Honduran parliamentary procedure. The little I know is that a law must be ratified by congress, and, I suppose, signed by the president, and then published in the national gazette (La Gaceta), before becoming law.

  • Yes, it was approved, but it needs to be ratified, in the next parliamentary year (legislatura) which begins the 25th of this month. Only constitutional amendments need to be ratified in this way by Congress.

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