Official Truth Comission Report now Available

July 11th, 2011

The Honduran Commission for Truth and Reconciliation, (CVR in Spanish), created in the wake of the 2009 removal of Manuel Zelaya from the Presidency, has made its report available on its website. Apparently this is the full version, complete and underacted.

As soon as I read this article by Freddy Cuevas, I emailed the CVR to ask for confirmation on whether large portions would be secret, and for them to publish the non-secret portions on their website.

The CVR responded today. The documents are very long, and apparently Cuevas’s report is wrong. Volume I is 551 pages long. Volume II is not completed yet, even thought there are links to four of its sections in the CVR’s website.

To me this is great news, because everyone deserves to know what happened in June 29. It will take a long time to read the full document. Few will read it completely, I expect. Nevertheless, it appears that will be accessible, freely and uncensored.

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