Impeachment: an Overdue Constitutional Amendment

July 12th, 2011

After skimming over the Truth Commission’s report, I found that one of their recommendations is to introduce an impeachment mechanism to the Honduran Constitution. An impeachment mechanism would have been sufficient to achieve the goal the Congress and Supreme Court wanted in 2009: the removal of Zelaya, legally. They had plenty of evidence to win a trial against him.

This does not require a new constitution, as President Lobo seems to imply. All that is needed is for a group of Congressional deputees to introduce the motion to do so when the Congress is in session.

The following editorial explores the option in more detail, but is in Spanish. I hope Lobo’s hedging wont stall this important constitutional reform. His appeasement of enemies of Honduras is so disturbing to me, that I often wonder if he has betrayed the people.

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