Capybara or Chupacabras?

August 19th, 2011

Checking my website’s analytics yesterday, I found an unusual spike in hits on an old post about the Chigüire. Turns out there’s been an internet craze about Capybaras, which in Venezuela are called Chigüires. The reason: a 100-pound capybara was found in a water treatment plant in Los Angeles. A few weeks ago, someone posted pictures of the animal, claiming it was a Chupacabras, the mythical vampire cryptid of Mexico.

The Chigüire/Capybara is the worlds largest rodent, and is not aggressive. But how would you feel if you see a 100+ pound rodent swimming toward you out of dank polluted waters?

Aparently he is quite an accomplished self-marketer, with a twitter account, CACapybara, with tweets like: “YUM! Bandera Shots!/ Rutabaga tastes so good!/ Weekend veggie blast!”

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