Hitchiking the Platforms

Don't Panic
December 13th, 2011

Should I move Pensieve to Google’s Blogger platform again? Google has recently refreshed it’s blogging platform, and added Google+ integration.

Pensieve began on Google’s blogger platform. My earlier blogs were hand coded, which made a hassle out of blogging, but also made each post more special in my mind. I moved Pensieve out of Blogger and onto WordPress because WordPress offered me a great deal of freedom, better plug-ins,

But lately, I’ve been considering what to do with my blog. A few years ago, every post in Pensieve generated lively discussion. In part it was because of the expatriate community in Honduras, who enjoyed reading a blog written by a Honduran in their native English. That has changed now that I moved to Mexico.

I am still almost guaranteed a response when I post to Facebook, and less so, in Google+. When I cross post between these platforms, I at least have someone give me a “like” or a “+1”.

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