Magic Wands Almost Possible

Wand, Don Solo
June 18th, 2012

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistiguishable from magic
–Arthur C. Clarke

Perhaps none of us will ever see straw being converted to gold, or water to wine, but the technology to power a wand-like instrument by waving it around has arrived. The electronics of the device could even be encased in wood for a luxury vintage touch. It would respond better to it’s owner, since its AI would have been trained to respond better to the owner’s particular quirks of voice and/or hand motions.

Using wireless commands, the wand could, even with current technology, open car doors, change tv channels, turn appliances on or off, turn the lights on or off. Users might even create complex “spells” to control these things, like “alohomora” or “lumos”. Nonverbal spells would be possible with flicks of the wrist, or other wand motions or gestures.

Producing water or fire would probably be far from current technology, so “incendio” and “aquamenti” would have to wait. And until we understand the relationship between particles and the fundamental forces of physics, “accio” and “wingardium leviosa” are off the table.

But who knows, maybe we could command armies of nanobots to go fetch something for us, much as the US government can use a drone to order a kill from a plush office on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. And maybe the flashes of spells could really be clouds of nanobots set to do their master’s bidding.

Perhaps we will soon see everyone carrying wands instead of smartphones in the near future. Until then, we can dream. Lumos.

Image by Don Solo

  • Clark Anderson Kerns

    i’m gonna make my own Magic Wand that uses Nanobots. i call it *The Nano Wand*

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