July 3rd, 2012

I feel like sand crumbling in the wind. I try to take a step only to find my feet are no longer there. I am a particle, speeding away to nothingness.

I was once a rock, solid, assailed by waves, broken by none. But one day I fell from the lofty cliff that was my home. My strength gone, I abandoned myself to the pounding waves flowing over me, striking, caressing, and polishing. I became a shiny pebble on a beach, which a child took up and threw back in the deep. After forgotten times of slowly crawling forth, a grain of sand was all that was left of me.

This grain was taken up by an artist and made part of a sculpture in the sand. I learned to live and walk in the limbs imagined by his mind, But the wind has taken me, just as the waves once did.

One day I may be melted down, and be the clear invisible barrier to the wind the wind that now carries me away, or does it carry the world away from me?

Image by Lee Sie

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