Older and Wiser

August 24th, 2012

I had feared my coworkers would forget my birthday this morning, since even one of my closest friends saw me this morning and apparently forgot. But they didn’t! This reminds me of past birthdays in Mexico, and shows me that the people at Kansas City Southern, Mexico are classier than any other company Ive worked for. They turned my cubicle into a party balloon explosion! (Pictures as soon as I can)

Cubicle decorations

Cubicle decorations

Another surprise came unexpectedly, from Google. I was thinking, doesn’t Google know my birthday, and how cool it would be if they put up a birthday doodle for everyone on their birthday, when I found that they had already fulfilled my wish. (see image above)

Ever since I turned 30 I’ve dreaded my birthdays, but the year 2011-2012 has been the best I’ve had in a decade! I’ve learned a great deal this year, and feel that I’ve finally started to grow up. What’s more, I feel that I haven’t grown into a boring, staid, middle-aged office drone. I feel younger than I did a year ago!

I hope the next year will be filled with much more growth and happiness, and hopefully, I’ll be able to share it with my friends and family, and make them happy too.

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