Apple’s Superiors Jumped the Gun?

September 13th, 2012

Maybe Apple should have waited to announce iOS6 at the same time with the iPhone 5 launch, or announced the iPhone 5 sooner. Opinions about the new iPhone vary from “evolutionary” to “boring”. iOS6 on the other hand, is definitely more atractive. If Apple had chosen to combine the two launch events, it might still have the press prostrated in worship, and consumers begging for Apple to shut up and take our money.

The elongated screen is the most obvious change in the new phone, but isn’t strictly necessary. Apple claims that the new screen doesn’t feel uncomfortable to operate with one hand, but then, the current iPhone’s screen size is probably more comfortable than the 5’s. This would not make it an improvement; rather it would be a step back.

I can even imagine Jony Ive and Steve Jobs trying out this elongated version even before the first iPhone rolled out. The implication in that Apple didn’t go with this size before, is that the cumbersome black bars seen when watching movies were not enough of an annoyance to justify a 16:9 screen that might sacrifice aesthetics or ergonomics.

This is, of course, raw speculation. The new phones are beautiful, but perhaps no more beautiful than the earlier versions. The same goes for comfort. I wonder how the new phone will feel in my pocket?

I feel iOS6 is the most exciting thing coming to the iPhone this year. Would you agree?

(Image from Apple website)

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