Fractal Reality

October 18th, 2012

We inhabit a place in space, time and probability where none of the coordinates that we use to measure them have raced into infinity so far. But instead of a flat, sterile, constant and unchanging space, we live in a complex, dynamic, and unpredictable reality. In short, we inhabit chaos.

Just like a fractal, which reveals more and more complexity the closer an observer looks at it, our perceived reality is non-linear, and becomes ever more complex as science pores into the antipodes of quantum theory and cosmology.

A graph of this reality could be made to look like the surface of a bubble. There may be infinitely many bubbles like it, or none. It may be the only bubble, or the largest bubble, or if Galileo and Copernicus taught us anything, an insignificant blip orbiting an insignificant blip in a galaxy of 300 billion other blips, surrounded by 80 billion other galaxies of blips. We may never know.

Our bubble may be smooth or rough, it may have holes, or be shaped like a whale, a bowl of petunias, or a slice of banana shortcake. Even if we explore the confines of our bubble of space, time and probablility, until we explore the others, we will not run out of places to go.

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