Hooray for Disney-Pixar!

February 9th, 2013

I just saw Disney’s new animated film, Wreck it Ralph. I read that Disney and Pixar’s chief creative officer, John Lasseter gave the film’s director Rich Moore complete freedom, telling him not to make a “quote-unquote, ‘Disney’ film“. The result is very surprising to me; instead of Disney polluting Pixar, the opposite happened: Pixar revived Disney!

With Pixar’s John Lasseter at the helm, I can’t wait to see what Disney may come up with next. I only hope that he won’t neglect Pixar now; I felt a bit jealous for Pixar watching the film. But if both Disney and Pixar keep coming up with such original and beautifully executed films as Wreck it Ralph, it’s a win-win!

The characters are very yin/yang, with two couples forming from polar opposites. The film has much to say to loners and victims of bullying, as well as, hopefully, the bullies themselves. I found myself relating to Ralph very much. The presence of so many video game franchises with backstories to spare, made this film rich and good for the heart as well as the eyes. Good job Disney!

The title image, trademarks and copyrights all belong to Walt Disney Studios.

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