Escape your demons and make art now!

February 17th, 2013

Often I am frustrated by my feeble attempts at art. My music is good, but perhaps, not grammy worthy. I look in envy on musicians with more pluck than I building successful carrers on easily performed songs, plus the sheer daring of getting on a stage and performing them. In their place I would be petrified.

When I am alone I can make art and not fear judgement…unless I bring the world with me through the character of my evil judge. “It will never be good enough”, she proclaims. “No one will like it. It is worthless! Don’t waste your time!” But the hours of fun and satisfaction I get out of drawing, playing the piano, folding origami, or even making a model in Minecraft are pleasurable beyond any drug I could pump into me. Isn’t that reason enough!

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