Medicine for Bleak Mornings

April 22nd, 2013

Think of the sky

A strong wind carries out the dark ominous clouds, the draperies of fog, and the haze.

Think of a spring

Tinkling out of virgin rock, a clear fountain of water shoots up, dances down steep slopes, and meeting others becomes a roaring waterfall. Its spray and sound wash out the memories of evil.

Think of the sun

The sun adjusts its shoelaces and prepares to run accross the sky. Its light burns away the anxiety and fear that have shrouded you.

Think of the earth

The sharp unyielding stones are clothed with soft green turf and a fur of green trees, like flesh over bones and the plumage of a bird of paradise

Light and color surround you. Clear blue sky, crystal waters, bright sunlight, radiant greens and cheerful flowers.

Sounds wash over you, a chattering stream, a roaring sea, a whistling breeze, and trees whispering,

You feel the grass, soft underfoot, with tiny freckly spikes on your bare feet. The rough bark of a tree meets your fingers. The wind untangles your mind with soft hands.

The fragrance of earth enters and transports you to sunlit memories of childhood years.

The taste of berries, bright and sweet, reminds you of what has been, and can be, if only you are willing to try.

Happy Earth Day

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